Friday, 25 July 2014

Take Me For What I Am

song of the day - Take Me Or Leave Me - RENT
For the past few weeks I've pretty much been ignoring the blogging world. There's not really a reason for this other than that I've been busy, and it's been too hot to stand around and take photos. I did go to my cousins graduation last week though, so I'll hopefully do a post soon showing you some photos from that. I currently have over 300 unread posts on my bloglovin feed, so I think I'll spend Sunday doing some catching up!
I bought a new pair of boots from Attitude Clothing, and I've fallen in love with them. They probably won't be worn too much until it gets a bit colder out, but I just had to show them a bit of love via this post.
 shirt - Zara. top - Poizen Industries. trousers - New Look. boots - Funtsama. lipstick - Poisonberry by LimeCrime.

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  1. Love the detailing on the boots, Rubi! (also, yes, i hope you do a "things I miss" blogpost, it's a nice excuse to get the ol' photo album out and flick through some good memories!) xxx


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