Saturday, 30 May 2015

You Look Pretty Low

song of the day - Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used
dress - H&R London (AttitudeClothing). leggings - H&M.
A long while ago I wrote a post on one of my fictional style icons; Abby Sciuto from NCIS. Todays outfit is inspired by that character, and her style. I could totally imagine Abby rocking this look with some black tights, a choker, and gothic platforms. The dress is so short on me that if I lift my arms it won't cover my butt. I love all the belts, and eyelets, they're like built in accessories.
And an Abby Sciuto inspired look would not be complete without pigtails, and a dark lipstick. The one I'm wearing is Vampira by Kat Von D.
Who is your style icon?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Now I Know

song of the day - Clostest Thing To Crazy by Katie Melua
I've been wanting to dye my hair for the majority of my life. When I was 5 I wanted to be blonde (blame Barbie), then when I was a teenager I wanted bright streaks, and now at 23 I want to try all the colours. But I also don't want to damage my hair by dyeing it. This is were wigs come in.
Over the years I've bought a few cheap wigs for halloween costumes, but nice, affordable wigs for everyday wear seemed none existent. That was until I found Geisha Wigs on Instagram late last year. I've been wanting to order from them ever since, but with such a wide array of choices it's been hard to pick one. Then, a few weeks ago when I was feeling in need of some retail therapy I decided to hell with it, and ordered Indigo.
Indigo is a blue, purple and red mix, made of synthetic fibre, and is super soft. I kind of want to cut a blunt fringe into the wig, but I'm too nervous about messing it up, it's not like the hair will grow back (unlike my actual fringe). It's also adjustable. I will definitely be buying from GW again.
geisha wig indigo
I bought this dress from Topshop years ago. It had a bit of a bat wing going on, which I was never fond of. After a few months I decided to take the sleeves off, add some lace, and dye the bottom. The material didn't pull in the dye very well.
Have you ever tried a wig out? What hair colour would you go if you could?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

You Fight Me All Along

song of the day - Fighting For My Love by Nil Lara
I'm feeling very jazzy in these trousers. My mum hasn't seen these yet, but I know as soon as she does she'll be telling me how much in common we have. They are the type of trousers I hated when I was younger, patterned, baggy, colourful, eurgh. Now, on the overhand, I love them. Trying to find a top to go with them was a pain though. Once it gets warmer out (again) a white cami style top would go nicely with them, but at the minute it's too cold for that. So, for now I'm pairing them with this Vixxsin top.
top - Vixxsin. trousers - Zara.
Is there a style you hated when you were younger, but love now?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It Gets So Hot

song of the day - Horse Pills by Dandy Warhols
Another month, another MyLittleBox. MLB is a monthly subscription service that mixes beauty, fashion and lifestyle in one box. This months theme is Provence, which is an area of France known for lavender (at least according to google).
There were quite a few L'Occitane products in this months box. I've not used much from the brand before, but I've heard a lot of good things.
In my box I got a Mer & Minstrel shower gel, a Rose et Reines hand cream, the Verbena body lotion, and a cute little Verbena soap. I don't think any of the products are full sized, but I should be able to get a good few uses out of them. The only product I dislike out of the lot is the hand cream; I can't stand the overpowering rose smell.
I am surprised that none of the items smell like lavender, considering the theme of the box. I'm guessing verbena also grows there.
 My favourite item from the box had to be the MLB own brand eyeshadow crayon. It's such a pretty bronze colour, and is so easy to use. I'm pretty sure this is the first eyeshadow crayon I've ever tried, so I'll definitely be trying some out from other brands.
MLB always has the cutest fashion products in the boxes, and this months is no exception. In the box you get a cuff and some thread, which you weave through the holes in the cuff to make a design. I will admit this was a pain in the derriere to do, because the ends of the thread kept fraying. I don't really have the patience for this, so it'll take me a while to do the whole cuff. Also, the cuff is kinda big for me, so I'd have to wear is over a thick top to keep it in place.
And finally are some fridge magnets. When I first picked this up out of the box I thought it was one of those paper doll things, which was a sweet idea, but magnets are so much better.
What do you think of this months box? Are you subscribed to MyLittleBox?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Your Foolish Pride

song of the day - Layla by Derek and the Dominos
skirt - Zara. blouse - Primark
I was never a member of the brownies, but in this shirt I feel like I could have been! I've been feeling yellow a lot recently, but paired with my usual black I look like a bumble bee. I really wanted this shirt though, so I was determined to wear it. I can't remember how much it was, but it's from Primani, so it'd be under a tenner.
Every season there's usually one trend that I fall in love with, and this time round it's that 70's show trend. The woven skirt is making me feel very seventies, with the colour scheme it has going and, the flare. All I need now are some gogo boots, and a poncho. Pretty sure my mum will have them in an attic somewhere.
Sorry for the blurred face, I think I must have moved my head during this photo.
What's your favourite fashion trend of the moment?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

But I Need To Believe In You

song of the day - Seductive Barry by Nenah Cherry/Pulp 
When I stress I shop. When I'm happy I shop.  When I'm hungry I shop. I could go on (and I kinda did), but it's safe to say I like to shop. I probably shouldn't be spending money on myself right now, because I have a lot of birthdays coming up next month, but I couldn't stop myself. Will power is not one of my strong points.
This year my skin has gone into meltdown mode, so I've been wanting to try out some new skincare products. I think part of the problem is stress, which I can't do much about, but another problem is that I work with dusty boxes, which I think has been clogging my pores. I'm hoping the Origins Clear Improvement mask will do it's bit to help. I've heard many good things about Origins, but have never really tried anything from the brand before.
I've used the mask once so far, and it seems alright. I've not had any negative reactions from it, so that's always a plus. Hopefully, after a few uses I'll see more of a difference in my skin.
House of Fraser currently (and by 'currently' I mean last Thursday they did when I ordered this stuff) have a gift with purchase offer on, so when you buy anything from Origins you get a mini Original Skin serum. I'm not a big serum user, but I'll give it a go.
MAC recently released the Wash & Dry collection. Now, can we just take a moment to appreciate this packaging. It's a lot lighter than the usual black packaging, but oh so pretty. You can check out the full collection on Temptalia's website, but I just bought 2 bits from it.
First up is my first ever MAC blush. It's a lovely light peach colour, called Hipness. MAC blushes (along with most other MAC products) are raved about, so I have high expectations for this. It's a nice subtle colour. I had to properly work into it to get the swatch above (below the lipstick), which is good because I'm always nervous about over doing blush.
I also bought a lipstick. This is Steam Heat, a satin finish. I'm not the biggest fan of MAC satin finish lipsticks, they tend to be a bit patchy on me. But, I think with a good liner I can end up loving this red lipstick.
Have you bought anything nice lately? What do you think of my purchases?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Just Laugh And Joke Around

song of the day - Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
ootd primark zara
I love a good skort, they're a good excuse to get my pins out. I do not like autocorrect changing the word to skirt though! 
This turtle neck is around 6 years old now, and it's still one of my favourite tops. The dog on the front just reminded me of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, so I couldn't not buy it. I got it when Zara first opened a store in my hometown; it soon became my favourite place to shop. 
primark skort
top - Zara. skort - Primark.
sorry about all the wrinkles! I need to do some ironing.
primark skort
How do you feel about the Skort (in general)?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Face Down In A Korma Coma

song of the day - Korma Coma by Aziz Ibrahim
So here is part 2 of my little ode to Manchester. Part 1 can be found here
Now, I do love Manchester, but that don't mean I don't know it's rough as fuck sometimes. It's home though. Sorry about my french, but in a post about Manc you can't leave out the fow language, it's too much a part of the place. Seriously, I'm pretty sure if Zippy Santa could speak he'd be calling us all 'fucking twats'. Some of the people you come across in town make me proper chuckle, others make me want to start throwing punches. I think there's something in the water.
a bengal tiger to the left
an salford to his right
a fella from aldelphi
screamin for a fight
with his belt round his knuckles
his hat pulled down
he’s king of the scuttlers
the hardest man in town - Mike Duff
Anyway, back to the nice parts of the city.
The Albert memorial is right in front of Manchester town hall. This monument just fascinates me. It's so beautiful and intricate, I can't even imagine the time it would take to have made it. Apparently there's a similar monument to this in London, one day I'll have to look for that.
Of course, with the weather warming up (ha!) there are roadworks everywhere. 
this little guy just makes me giggle

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Keep 'em Looking Good

song of the day - Big Pimpin'/Papercut by Jay Z & Linkin Park
skirt - Primark. top - River Island. cardi - Zara. belt - Restyle.
I'm feeling very Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction with this haircut. I haven't had a full on fringe since I was 10 years old, and I honestly don't know how to feel about having one now.
dandelion photograph british summer
Have you seen that video of Tom from McFly blowing dandelions, and making his son laugh? I think it has to be one of the cutest videos on the internet right now.
I've been nominated, along with 4 other bloggers, by the guys at stylefruits in a blogger of the month type thing. You can read more about it here, and vote for your favourite blogger. I'm just about to check out the other nominees blogs now!
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