Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I Sit Back And Wonder

song of the day - Don't Push Me by 50 Cent
A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my makeup storage, and I showed you my Muji 5 drawer. Today I thought I'd let you have a nose of what's inside, and how I lay everything out.
I try not to buy more makeup than what will fit into this box. Except for lipsticks. I can't stop myself when lip products are concerned.
Up top is my favourite drawer. Full or lip glosses and lip pencils, it's the drawer I go into the most. I've been loving wearing the small Buxom gloss (in White Russian) over matte colours to give them a pearly sheen.
Here is the face drawer. If I'm being honest I don't often keep my foundation and MSF natural in this drawer, it's usually just on my desk so it's within easy reach. Which isn't a great idea, because at the moment I seem to have misplaced my foundation. Whoops. Maybe I should start putting it away.
Ah, eyeshadow, I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I love to wear you, but I hate to actually spend the time use you.
I may own quite a few mascaras, but not all of them are open. I actually need to sort through these soon, and maybe repurchase one or two.
Are you a makeup hoarder (like me)? Or do prefer just to have a few bits? Let me know below.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Say You'll Remember

song of the day - Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray
From the ages of around 15 to 22 I pretty much lived in jeans. Seriously, I owned around 13 pairs at one point. For the past year and a half though I've been venturing more into skirts, shorts, and trousers. It also didn't help that I ruined my favourite pair of jeans. I've been hoping to find a similar pair (bell bottom style), sadly it doesn't seem meant to be. I finally just gave in and bought a new pair of skinnies instead. I was tempted to buy a nice pair of Topshop jeans, but the sizing confused me (it's easily done) so I went to old faithful instead; Forever21. At £17.50 they were a great price.
jumper - Zara. shirt - H&M. top - Urban Outfitters. jeans - Forever21. boots - Bertie. 
Blue jeans, white shirt,
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
Everyday I seem to be putting on more and more layers. It's just too cold outside, and it's not much better inside!

Are you a jeans person? Or do you prefer anything but?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Looking For The Shade I Sought

song of the day - Past My Shades by B.o.B.
(photo taken at MediaCityUK)
For the majority it's not the right time of year to be talking sun protection (unless you're off on a jolly). I like to use my factor 15 on a daily basis though, especially since I gained a few extra moles last year. The sun has been peaking out a bit more though recently, and this has put me in such a good mood.
I'm currently using the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sun lotion SPF15*. It's lovely and light weight, it applied really smoothly and sinks in immediatly. It has none of that usual stickiness you get with other sun protection, which is always a plus.
Hawaiian Tropic has such a lovely scent to it. It took my a while to realise what it smelt like; My favourite Herbal Essences shampoo.
The product claims to be moisturising, but it doesn't seem to be to me. Maybe it's because my skin is so dry from the cold weather that only a heavy duty moisturiser is making any difference. The After Sun (which I haven't used as much) does seem to be moisturising though.
Will I be purchasing this product when it runs out? Probably not, the smell is lovely compared to what I usually use though. At £15 (from Boots) it's not exactly cheap, but what sun protection is? I usually go for the Boots Soltan and that's £10. I'd be more likely to buy Hawaiian Tropic if I was to go on holiday, and I wanted to treat myself a little more.
Are you a daily SPF-er or do you just use it during the warmer months? Have you ever tried Hawaiian Tropic?
I was sent this product for review by BzzAgent.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

I'll Write Your Name

song of the day - Blank Space by Taylor Swift
blazer - H&M. jeans - Forever21. sports top/bra - Victoria's Secret: Pink.
I've taken casual Fridays (err, Sundays) to a whole new level. Don't worry, I didn't actually wear this to work (I can't imagine that would go down well).
I love the colour of this sports top so much that I just had to show it off. I'm not really one for exercise. It's pretty much yoga or nothing with me. And half the time I don't even bother with yoga (I have no motivation sometimes).
Do you incorporate sportswear into your everyday wardrobe? Or do you think joggers should be kept in the gym?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Brighter Than The Sun

song of the day - Moon River by Frank Sinatra
camera - Canon 550D
lens - Canon EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III Lens
ISO 200
cropped in photoshop

Sunday, 8 February 2015

It's Time To Get It

song of the day - Freakum Dress by Beyonce
Every so often I go through my makeup and have a bit of  clear out. Then, while watching makeup collection videos on youtube, I'll reorganise my 'collection' so that's it's all nice and tidy again. It usually doesn't stay like that for more than a week, so I thought I'd share my makeup organisation while it's still neat.
The majority of my makeup is kept in this Muji 5 drawer, which was a gift from my best friend for my last birthday. From top to bottom I have lipgloss, face (blush and base), 2 drawers for eyeshadow, then the last drawer is for mascara, eyeshadow primers and mac shadows. I might do a post showing each drawer at some point.
You can just about see my Urban Decay sharpener to the side of this, behind that I also have 2 cream eyeshadows that don't fit in the drawers.
 All of my brushes are in this little pot that I bought the last time I was in Pakistan. It doesn't match anything else in my room but I love it. It also came with a lid which I keep my Real Technique complexion sponge in.
 This was a gift a few years from a uni friend, I never used it though because I didn't want to accidentally smash it. After a while it became a place for my pencil/pen type products.
Now onto my favourite little beauties. I love lip products more than anything. This little tray thingy was £3 from Ryman, and so worth it. I keep all of my lipsticks in this, and a few of my favourite lip glosses.

How do you store your makeup? Would you like to see a full 'desk tour' of sorts?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's Like Gold Dust

song of the day - Gold Dust by DJ Fresh.
jumper - George@Asda. trousers - Zara. scarf - Primark.
With the weather as it is I've been living in cuddly jumpers; It's either snowing, hailing, or raining. Sadly in my little corner of the world it's not been snowing heavily enough for my liking. Every time I see a photo of the snow in Sheffield I get a teeny bit jealous.
 Have you been enjoying the snow? Did you even get any?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Friend Who's Dressed In Leather

song of the day - Pure Morning by Placebo
1. Topshop £150. 2. Karen Millen £450. 3. Zara £159.
There's just something about a good leather jacket that I just love. Every year I try to find one to buy, but there never seems to be the right one. 
The biggest issue I seem to have with finding the right leather jacket is sleeve length. I'm one of those people that like my sleeves to come down a little ways past the wrist, but I've yet to find a jacket were the sleeves even reach my wrists at all. Maybe I just have abnormally long arms.
Are you a leather jacket lover? or do you think we should leave leather for bikers?
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