Wednesday, 29 July 2015

They Keep Photos Of Me

song of the day - Everyday I Love You Less and Less by Kaiser Chiefs 
Ever since OCC released the Unknown Pleasures collection last year I have been wanting to get my hands on Technopagan, especially after seeing the lovely Sarah rocking it. Last week I was browsing the Love-Makeup website and noticed Technopagan was finally (FINALLY) in stock. I may have done a happy dance.
Technopagan is a dark purple metallic colour, that looks blue in some lights. It's the best colour to wear when you want to feel a little bad-ass.
This is only the second lip tar I've ever tried from OCC, but I already like it more than the other I've tried (called Lydia). It's thicker, so it's a lot easier to apply. The only downside? It's not a quick-swipe-and-your-golden kind of lip product. For me it took about 10 minutes to apply.
Technopagan is long lasting, has great pigmentation, and makes you look fierce (Carlsberg don't do lip tars, but if they did...). What more could you ask for?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

These Chanel Bags Is A Bad Habit

song of the day - Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce
Beyonce is Queen. Not a queen, or the queen, just Queen (don't forget the capital letter!). Bey is probably my biggest inspiration; she is a businesswoman, a mother, a friend, a sister, a wife. She is everything. I honestly don't know how Bey finds the time to do everything she does.
If you've not seen the Feeling Myself video (Nicki, my babe!) then you're probably wondering what the hell my outfit has to do with Queen Bey. In the vid (which is awesome and y'all should go watch asap) Yonce wears a red Bulls body similar to the one I'm wearing above. As soon as I saw the body on Instagram I knew I had to have it! I may not have Beys curves, but I think it looks alright.
 body - Missguided. shorts - F21. shirt - Topshop.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Don't Front

song of the day - I Got Cha Opin by Black Moon
top & skirt - Zara. 
 It was Eid on Saturday, so my cousin did some mehndi on my hand. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

So You Can Get To Know Me

song of the day - Hate It Or Love It by the Game ft 50 Cent
Iwas tagged by the lovely Renee to do the Love/Hate tag.
List ten things you love and ten things you hate.
Tag 10 other bloggers to do the tag next.
1. Taking photographs Honestly, this is my favourite thing to do, ever. I've written about it many a time; how I love to go to Manchester and just take photos.
2. Coffee I love coffee so much, the only time I'll go a day without a brew is when I'm ill.
3. Art Be it looking at art, or making art, I could do it for days.
4. Shopping I think this one is kinda obvious.
5. Books In the past 4 years I have lost my enthusiasm for books slightly. When I was younger I'd read multiple books a week, now I only read a handful a year. But I still love finding a good book to get lost in.
6. Adventure I am a bit of a wuss, but if I have a friend with me I love going to new places. If I'm by myself I get a bit too anxious about getting lost.  
7. Good food Last week I had an enchilada for the first time and it was amazing. It made my whole day.
8. Lipstick I could play with lipstick all day long. Most days I have a few swatches on my arm from trying to decide which of my 30 lipsticks to use.
9. Sleeping I guess this is more about being all snuggly warm in bed than sleeping itself. Maybe this should actually just be 'comfort', because who doesn't love to be comfortable.
10. Christmas I'll admit, Christmas stresses me the hell out, but I just love that time of year. I love decorating, and buying/wrapping presents, and the atmosphere out on the streets. I love walking past a street where every house is decorated.
1. Spiders They scare the bejesus out of me. I know I'm bigger, but they creep me the hell out.
2. Blood and Needles This is the reason I never became a nurse. I can't even watch someone else get an injection. My grandad had an IV in the last time he was in hospital and I couldn't even look at him because of it.
3. Compact spaces I'm claustrophobic, so small spaces send me into a panic. This includes, but is not limited to, cellars, elevators, and car washes. Seriously, when I was little I made my mum stand outside of the car with me while my dad went through the car wash. I do have this under more control now that I'm older, but I'm still uncomfortable in these situations. 
4. Laziness I'm lazy. There, I said it. Every few months I'll start a workout routine, and keep it for a few days, then I just give up. 
5. People who think they no better I've had people judging me for the littlest things my entire life. I mean who hasn't. I try so hard not to judge people and I do fail on occasion, but I'd never tell a person how to live their life. 
6. Dentist My dentist is actually really nice, but I hate going. I'm really bad at looking after my teeth, so every time I go in I feel like I'm letting my dentist down by needing a filling.
7. Rude people A smile costs nothing. I know we all have bad days, but if you bump into someone it's only polite to say sorry.
8. Smoking Ok, so I wrote a little lie  two confessions back. If I'm close to you I might subtly hint you should quit smoking. And by subtle I mean obnoxiously coughing when you light up near me. Between me and my mum we did get my dad to quit smoking, it was hard work though.
9. Being a shopoholic love shopping, but I hate spending money. It's a vicious circle.
10. Loudness I don't do well in loud situations, I don't do clubs or gigs. Even going to the cinema can be a bit much sometimes.

I'm not going to tag anyone in this, but if you do/have done it let me know and I'll check it out!

Monday, 13 July 2015

She Get Dropped Off

song of the day - Beez In The Trap by Nicki Minaj
I love taking photographs, it's my favourite thing to do. I have the week off work so expect more photo based posts!
top - Missguided. skirt - Primark.
You may remember that this top is actually a jumpsuit. I like to mix it up every now and then, wearing items in different ways. I did have to pin the pant-legs up a little, otherwise they'd have been dragging below the hem of the skirt.
These outfit photos are a month old now, my fringe is now out of commission. I kind of miss it, but not enough to trim it back. Maybe one day it'll be back.
Did you have a good weekend?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

We're Gonna Pull Somebody File For The 90's

song of the day -  Breath Control ii by KRS-one
Sometimes you've just got to wear something comfy and chill out.
I'm feeling very Rachel Green circa 1996 in this outfit, and I'm ok with that. I loved some of the outfits worn in Friends, and wouldn't mind switching wardrobes with Rachel (and Phoebe, and Monica). Rachel is probably the reason I love turtlenecks so much, as well as short skirts with knee high socks. 
 dungarees & top - Primark. lipstick - 01 Kate Rimmel.
Are you a dungaree lover? Or do you think they should only be worn by children?

Monday, 6 July 2015

The One That They Call a Queen

song of the day - Diva by Beyonce
skirt - Zara. cami - Primark. 
choker - Forever 21.
Have you ever just seen something and thought "yes, that's for me, I don't even care how much is it"? Well, that was me when I saw this skirt. It's a great shape, and I love the print. Thankfully it was only £9.99 (bargain). It's one of those pieces you can dress up for a fancier occasion, or dress down for a brew with the girls. Perfect.
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Saturday, 4 July 2015

You Can't Get Rid Of Me

song of the day - Compton by Game ft Will.I.Am
OK, so I'm a little late posting about the latest My Little Box, but for some reason I was just not inspired to edit these photos until last night. Which is odd because I do love the contents of this (cough last) months box. Maybe it's the heat. For those of you that don't know MLB is a monthly subscription service that mixes beauty, fashion and lifestyle in one box.
 This months theme is French Riviera, so there's a lot of blue going on. For the beauty bits this month there is a nail polish from Loved by Sarah Lavoine (shade number 501), which I haven't tried yet but I'm hoping is good. The shade reminds me of a more vibrant version of 501B from Lancome. There's also a Kerastase blow dry milk; I don't blow dry my hair often so this is getting donated to a friend. And finally a MLB own brand product, a sea salt scrub. It smells very calm and refreshing, and is great for exfoliating.
The fashion item this month is this pair of cute sunglasses by Sarah Lavoine. They are very lightweight so I'm afraid of them breaking in my bag, but they do look great on.
And finally there are two planters. They remind me of those paper hats we used to make when we were little. You can use them as storage pots, or to put plant pots in to make them a little more aesthetically pleasing.
This is going to be my last MLB for a while. I still love the boxes, but there are other things I could be the spending the £15 a month on. I might subscribe again in the future, but it won't be soon.
Are you a beauty box subscriber?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In That Sunshine State

song of the day - California Love by 2Pac
It's so hot and humid out today, I just about managed to walk to my local pasty shop and back before needing a sit down. I was barely out for 15 minutes and I was ready for a cold shower. It's currently 30 degrees (which is 86 for you fahrenheit peeps) in my town, and let me tell you now, I am not made for heat.
Yesterday I was so close to climbing into the freezer to cool down, but I managed to resist the temptation. Because of the heat and early start at work I ended up taking a nap at 6 o'clock. I think I'm ready for my pension and bus pass now, thank you.
 top H&M. trousers - Zara.
I own a few crop tops, but this my favourite. It looks perfect with any pair of high-waisted trousers.
nails - Barry M You Drive Me Navy
What's the weather like where you are? Are you contemplating an ice bath too?
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