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So You Can Get To Know Me

song of the day - Hate It Or Love It by the Game ft 50 Cent
Iwas tagged by the lovely Renee to do the Love/Hate tag.
List ten things you love and ten things you hate.
Tag 10 other bloggers to do the tag next.
1. Taking photographs Honestly, this is my favourite thing to do, ever. I've written about it many a time; how I love to go to Manchester and just take photos.
2. Coffee I love coffee so much, the only time I'll go a day without a brew is when I'm ill.
3. Art Be it looking at art, or making art, I could do it for days.
4. Shopping I think this one is kinda obvious.
5. Books In the past 4 years I have lost my enthusiasm for books slightly. When I was younger I'd read multiple books a week, now I only read a handful a year. But I still love finding a good book to get lost in.
6. Adventure I am a bit of a wuss, but if I have a friend with me I love going to new places. If I'm by myself I get a bit too anxious about getting lost.  
7. Good food Last week I had an enchilada for the first time and it was amazing. It made my whole day.
8. Lipstick I could play with lipstick all day long. Most days I have a few swatches on my arm from trying to decide which of my 30 lipsticks to use.
9. Sleeping I guess this is more about being all snuggly warm in bed than sleeping itself. Maybe this should actually just be 'comfort', because who doesn't love to be comfortable.
10. Christmas I'll admit, Christmas stresses me the hell out, but I just love that time of year. I love decorating, and buying/wrapping presents, and the atmosphere out on the streets. I love walking past a street where every house is decorated.
1. Spiders They scare the bejesus out of me. I know I'm bigger, but they creep me the hell out.
2. Blood and Needles This is the reason I never became a nurse. I can't even watch someone else get an injection. My grandad had an IV in the last time he was in hospital and I couldn't even look at him because of it.
3. Compact spaces I'm claustrophobic, so small spaces send me into a panic. This includes, but is not limited to, cellars, elevators, and car washes. Seriously, when I was little I made my mum stand outside of the car with me while my dad went through the car wash. I do have this under more control now that I'm older, but I'm still uncomfortable in these situations. 
4. Laziness I'm lazy. There, I said it. Every few months I'll start a workout routine, and keep it for a few days, then I just give up. 
5. People who think they no better I've had people judging me for the littlest things my entire life. I mean who hasn't. I try so hard not to judge people and I do fail on occasion, but I'd never tell a person how to live their life. 
6. Dentist My dentist is actually really nice, but I hate going. I'm really bad at looking after my teeth, so every time I go in I feel like I'm letting my dentist down by needing a filling.
7. Rude people A smile costs nothing. I know we all have bad days, but if you bump into someone it's only polite to say sorry.
8. Smoking Ok, so I wrote a little lie  two confessions back. If I'm close to you I might subtly hint you should quit smoking. And by subtle I mean obnoxiously coughing when you light up near me. Between me and my mum we did get my dad to quit smoking, it was hard work though.
9. Being a shopoholic love shopping, but I hate spending money. It's a vicious circle.
10. Loudness I don't do well in loud situations, I don't do clubs or gigs. Even going to the cinema can be a bit much sometimes.

I'm not going to tag anyone in this, but if you do/have done it let me know and I'll check it out!


  1. Great post! I feel the same about most of these. I really hate loud noises too!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Sleeping...I just love to sleep all day..but I hate lazyness too.. controversial..

  2. Loved this tag and coffee is my weakness ha,ha! :) xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  3. I pretty much agree with everything !

  4. I hate having my blood drawn, but I can easily do it on someone else. to be honest, I´d rather do it myself ON myself if there was a chance.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. This was so fun to read! I agree with you on so many, like lipstick ;)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  6. yes! I hate the smell of cigarettes and dont get me started on needles and blood!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. Great tag!

    Check out my latest post <3

  8. I love shopping and i think every girls love it.
    I hate smoking too or places that allowed smoking.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  9. As soon as I read coffee and photography I was like... "that's my kinda girl" ;) Love this post!



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