Thursday, 15 October 2015

I Wish Your Friends Would Leave Me Alone

song of the day - This Is An Emergency by Pigeon Detectives
skirt & shirt - H&M
Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life sometime. I've been wanting a black sequinned skirt for about a year now, but it's taken a while for me to actually find one that fits right. This beauty caught my eye in H&M and it was lust at first sight.
Black sequinned skirts always remind me of Angel from Rent because she wears one in the "Take Me Or Leave Me" scene (and looks stunning in it).
The perfect lipstick colour to go with a sparkly skirt? Red of course. Then again red lipstick goes with pretty much everything if you can find the right shade. MAC's recent Guo Pei collection launched a few weeks ago and I managed to get Brave Red before if sold out.
Brave Red is described as a 'bright yellow red'. I wouldn't really call it bright though, it's more of a muted red on me, and thankfully it's not too yellow. It's a Creamsheen, so it's not drying and has a nice coverage.
The Guo Pei collection has the loveliest packaging in the world. The lipstick comes with kind of a sleeve in a stunning print. If you don't know who Guo Pei is, they are a fashion designer. To me she is most famous for designing Rihanna's dress for the Met Gala, y'know the big yellow one?
I believe this colour is in the permanent collection, so you can still buy it (just without the pretty packaging).

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Your Web, I'm Caught

song of the day - Poison by Alice Cooper 
I am so ready for Halloween. I probably won't be going out on the actual day (unless I have to work), but you bet your ghosts I'll be watching all my favourite Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus, HalloweenTown, Casper, and then at night I'll have to watch at least one Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddie was always my favourite horror movie baddie, although I do have a soft spot for old Jeepers Creepers.
I bought this necklace as part of a set from H&M last week and I love it. Spiders terrify me (we'll ignore this from a few days ago), but I do love a good spiders web.
dress - Primark. necklace - H&M.

Monday, 5 October 2015

She Woke Up Late

song of the day - All That She Wants - Kooks
jumper & skirt - Primark
Autumn has hit, and now it's time for thick jumpers and knee high socks. The leaves are changing and the weathers turning. I'm so excited for Halloween, and Christmas shopping. The only thing I'm not excited about is the clocks changing at the end of the month. An extra hour in bed? Fab. The sun going down at 4pm? Not so great.

I really need to get my jumpers out and washed, but to tide me over until then I've bought this cute roll neck from Primark. I was tempted to buy it in multiple colours, but I stayed strong and only purchased the one. Now if I happen to go back to Primani and see them again, well...
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