Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I Sit Back And Wonder

song of the day - Don't Push Me by 50 Cent
A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my makeup storage, and I showed you my Muji 5 drawer. Today I thought I'd let you have a nose of what's inside, and how I lay everything out.
I try not to buy more makeup than what will fit into this box. Except for lipsticks. I can't stop myself when lip products are concerned.
Up top is my favourite drawer. Full or lip glosses and lip pencils, it's the drawer I go into the most. I've been loving wearing the small Buxom gloss (in White Russian) over matte colours to give them a pearly sheen.
Here is the face drawer. If I'm being honest I don't often keep my foundation and MSF natural in this drawer, it's usually just on my desk so it's within easy reach. Which isn't a great idea, because at the moment I seem to have misplaced my foundation. Whoops. Maybe I should start putting it away.
Ah, eyeshadow, I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I love to wear you, but I hate to actually spend the time use you.
I may own quite a few mascaras, but not all of them are open. I actually need to sort through these soon, and maybe repurchase one or two.
Are you a makeup hoarder (like me)? Or do prefer just to have a few bits? Let me know below.


  1. Oh my goodness, your makeup storage is perfection. I love it! I'm a makeup hoarder too, but just have loads of different makeup bags around my room stuffed full. I definitely need to invest in something like this! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  2. This is such a neat way to store your makeup!
    (Unfortunately) I'm also more of a hoarder, although I force myself to clear out products that I really haven't used in ages every now and then :D

  3. Ah! I'd love to own the Muji drawers! Unfortunately I don't have any space for it if I bought it :P
    It looks so easy to find things though rather than rooting around a multiple wash-bags filled with make-up :)
    Elephant stories and more


  4. Muji draws are a great way to store make-up; I love the fact that they're acrylic as it allows you to have your pretty products on display and actually reminds you what you have. Although that never stops me making impulse buys (oops), you've got some fabulous items in those draws Rubi x x

    Zee | GlitZeeGlam


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