Saturday, 6 February 2016

Everything's Going To Be Alright

song of the day - Everything's Going To Be Alright by Naughty By Nature
Chinese New Year in Manchester is always a good day out. This year I'll be working on Sunday, during the actual parade, so I decided to go down today and try out some of the food. If you're in Manchester tomorrow I'd definitely recommend visiting the centre and spending stupid amounts of money on food.
I really wanted to try out Bing & Bao, but the queue was always massive, so instead I went with Yang Sing. If it hadn't been chucking it down I probably would have queued up, but I was already soaked.
 A few different artists have created some street art on display near Selfridges, it was amazing seeing one of the artists at work.
 vegetable dumplings from Yang Sing
Joe On The Go lattes are lovely


  1. It looks and sounds so good. I really should have gone, seeing as I also live in Manchester. I seem to miss it every year.



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