Monday, 19 September 2011

My fictional style icon.

For 8 years I watched and adored the series Charmed. One of the many things I loved about the show was the styling. Even when the cast weren't wearing elaborate costumes the clothes were beautiful, my favourites usually belonged to Phoebe (played by the stunning Alyssa Milano) and she is probably my fictional style icon. Through all 8 years of the shows Eilish Zebrasky was the costume designer (there were two others at various stages, but Eilish was the main person).
The outfits ranged from the cheesy
To the mythical
The elegant
And the simple
And I loved them all. It may go without saying but i would love to own all of these outfits (although I wouldn't really wear the mermaid one).
Those above have all been more costume-y, but I also love the day to day clothes Eilish Zebrasky has put Alyssa in, her look is kinda kooky, cute and a tad saucy.
Rubi x


  1. Hey i was wondering if you now where the silver metallic dress, that prue halliwell wears in season 3 episode 5 sight unseen is from?

    1. I'm sorry, I don't. It was might have been designed by Eilish Zebrasky just for the show.


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