Saturday, 21 January 2012

It’s only fear after all

song of the day - Fear by Pauley Perrette
I am a huge fan of Pauley Perrette, and the first thing I ever saw her in was NCIS. Pauley plays the cheerful goth forensic scientist, Abby Scuito, who is just one of my favourite characters of all time!
But my love for them is not what I'm here to talk about, it's Abby's clothing that this post is dedicated to. A few months ago I did a post called "my fictional style icon" where I told y'all about how I love the costume designs for Charmed, and most of all for the character Phoebe Halliwell. Just think of this at my fictional style icon 2.0.
I love gothic fashion, there's just something about the clothing that I find amazing. And the wardrobe department at NCIS always style Pauley brilliantly.
I don't know what I can say about the clothes, other than I love them. I also think Pauley looks amazing in them, she's just gorgeous. I think my favourite part of Abby's look is the footwear; platorm boots are a firm favourite of mine.
You may have noticed that i don't actually wear anything gothic, this is mostly because there's only one place that I know of where I can actually go and buy the clothes. But also because the majority of online alt clothing stores are so hard to navigate.
Here's a video I found on youtube with some behind-the-wardrobe action
NCIS wardrobe department, you are awesome.
Rubi x

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