Thursday, 1 May 2014

And If You Go Chasing Rabbits

song of the day - White Rabbit by Grace Turner and the Nocturnals.
me; coat - Next. leggings - H&M. boots - Bertie.
I don't get out of my hometown often, and when I do it's usually to pop down to Manchester for a mooch. Today though I (and by "I" I mean my best friend and me) decided to go a little further afield to Clitheroe. A small town that seemed to mostly be one way roads, cute shops, and a castle (which is not as big as the term castle would lead you to think). I had a lovely day, the only downside was the weather. It felt more like February than May to me.

On our way to the castle we got talking to an older man who was walking his dog. He told us about the Lancashire Witches, and the waymakers that mark 10 witches along the Lancashire Witches Walk. Above is the Tercet for Isabel Robey. I might have to visit all 10 of these at some point. Sadly, I didn't get this mans name, but his lovely dog was called Darcy.
We visited three different cafes (one for coffee, one for lunch, and then the last for dessert), and spotted many more on our wander. One was Callooh! Calley, a sweet little tea room and vintage shop. It was closed today, but hopefully next time I go for a visit it'll be open.
Have you ever been to Clitheroe?
Rubi xxx


  1. Aw, looks like such a sweet day out! Absolutely love your style going to three cafes, that's a fab idea! ;)

    Haven't ever been to Clitheroe but it looks like such a magical place I would love to visit one day <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. Ahh, looks like a fun little adventure! I keep meaning to go to the car boot sale in Clitheroe but just can't bring myself to get up that early at the weekend...

    Come say hi, Tweet xx

  3. What nice shots, really a nice post!

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  4. I visit my nan every summer and she always takes us to Clitheroe I do love it there it was so nice to read about your day, calling it a castle definitely gives the wrong impression haha it's really not that much. Definitely go in that vintage shop next time you visit it's one of the best I've been into, upstairs they've laid it out like the mad hatters tea party :) x


  5. I've never been there, but I love your little snippets!

  6. Your coat is awesome! I've never been but I love going for a wander and exploring new places. :)

    Tara x

  7. This looks like such a beauitful place! I love days like these :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x


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