Friday, 27 June 2014

Not My Reality Girl

song of the day - Dream Come True Girl by Cass McCombs
My clothes look like they very much need ironing in these photos, sorry about that! It's just been a long day.
The good weather has gone away, so I had to take these photos in the rain! It wasn't too bad, I managed to beat the heavy downpour. One day I will have to show you my "tripod" and shooting situations.
Anyway, sale season is upon us, so of course I couldn't help buy spend a little. Both items worn above are from Zara. The trousers are a late birthday present from my mum. They're a heavy linen material, and I love them. I seem to have a thing for wider legged trousers at the moment. Right now they are £22.99 down from £29.99. I was tempted to wait and see if the price would so lower, but this colour seems to be going fast.
So many creases! Sometimes I wish I could borrow the steamer from work.
The blouse is so lovely and soft. It has a bit of a batwing, which I rather like. I'm hoping to go to the big Manchester Zara this week so I can get a nice interview blouse. I have a few, but I want a blouse that isn't sheer, which seems to be a lot to ask for these days. I wore a Primark tank top under the above blouse.
Have you found anything good in the sales?


  1. The summer weather has long gone away...but I love your outfit. Can see myself wearing these trousers!

    1. The nice weather seems to be back today! It's a bit cold but the sun is out.
      Rubi | The Den

  2. Love both of these pieces, perfect for Summer!

    Tweet Tweet xx

    1. They are! They're very nice and airy.
      Rubi | The Den

  3. The batwing top is so boho, I really like the shape! I need to do some proper sale shopping. ;)

    Tara x

  4. I like your blouse.


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