Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Your Attitude Determines Your Latitude

song of the day - Brand New by Kanye West
 necklace - Beaverbrooks
Christmas could not come sooner. It feels like these past few months have been dragging for me and I can't wait for it to be 2015. So much has changed over the past 11 months, and hopefully the good times keep on coming.
 cardi & blouse - Zara. skirt & leggings - Primark. boots - Bertie
I love wearing white blouses, but sometimes they make me feel like I'm back at school. I was at the dentists a few weeks ago and one of the other people waiting for a checkup actually thought I was still in secondary school, I just laughed it off and said "No Love, I'm off to work after this".
There's a thin line between 'mature' and 'school girl' when it comes to white shirts and black trousers.


  1. Yes, it definitely has a bit of a school girl vibe, and I like that :-)

  2. Little bit of a schoolgirl vibe but still very grown up! I'm only a year out of school myself and still can't bring myself to wear any navy or black blazer or skirt haha.
    So much has changed this year, and it's passed quicker than any other I'm sure!
    I see you're from just north of manchester - not too far from me. :D
    lily x


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