Friday, 4 April 2014

In the same exact pattern

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One of my favourite shows at the moment is Revenge. It has it all; intrigue, drama, and more cheesiness than a packet of wotsits. The programme also has some of the best outfits. From Vera Wang, to Burberry, the women of the Hamptons sure know how to dress. Or at least the costume department knows how to dress them.
image source:rougevogue: dress by Vera Wang
Victoria probably has the best wardrobe. This lady never wears the same dress twice, and always looks fierce as hell. The costume department tailor the outfits to perfection, and Victoria always looks flawless.
If only I had the money (and occasion) to wear dresses like this.
image source: People: dress by Vera Wang
Emily, the main character in Revenge, pretty much has three outfit settings: little miss innocent, laid-back casual, and woman on a mission. Whether that mission is kicking some butt, or making a certain male jealous, it changes from time to time.
And we can't forget about the men. Nolan Ross definitely has his own unique sense of style, I'm not completely sure how to even explain it. It's very clean, but also very eclectic.
image sources:worn on tv dress by Saks, necklace by Zara, style bistro dress by Azzedine Alaia, glamour dress by BCBG
Other notable mentions are Margaux (she's french, she's cute, and she knows how to work it), Ashley (the fashionista), and Charlotte (I hate the character but I love the clothes).

Rubi xxx


  1. Great post! how about we follow each other via GFC? (google friend count) just let be know on my blog and I'll be sure to follow back! x

  2. Lovely!

    Best wishes (:

  3. I've never watched this before but they all look so beautiful! I really like Ashley's blog. :)

    Tara x

  4. I've never watched Revenge and totally didn't realize how fashionable everyone is! I may have to start watching for the eye candy.



  5. Ah, I LOVE watching Revenge. Emily and Ashley's outfits are my favourite x


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