Sunday, 8 March 2015

You Used To Be My Romeo

song of the day - Romeo by Basement Jaxx
I don't do very girly often, maybe a few times a year. I'm usually not attracted to florals, but I honestly couldn't resist this dress. The mix of colours is just perfect, they actually reminds me of a sunset. I bought this dress in the sales last year, and I've only worn it a handful of times (if that). It is stunning, but a bit too formal for my usual everyday wardrobe.
I love the structure of this dress, the lines and pleats are perfection (gum would be perfection).
The only down side to this dress is that the zip is in the back. Seriously, you should have seen my try to do it up by myself. I was tempted to do a Phoebe and go out with it down until I saw someone who could zip me up.
dress - Warehouse. leggings - Primark.
(yes, I'm using this photo again)
Do you prefer bright floral prints or monochrome? Have you ever been bested by a zip (please let me not be the only one!)?
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  1. You look so gorgeous and the floral print is stunning. & zips are seriously a pain! I don't wear many clothes with zips though! x x

  2. Amazing dress, so lovely! You have one the best blogs I've seen lately, beautiful pictures, following for sure :) **

  3. Beautiful dress! You look great! :)


  4. I love love love floral print! What a gorgeous dress! :)

  5. I love that song they were so good at isle of wight fest, and I ADORE that dress on you its so pretty and cute cable knit tights too xxx

  6. I love that dress, I am starting to wear more florals recently rather than my usual all black.

  7. I love both mono and prints! You are so petite you! You look amazing
    Sabrina | GYPSYTAN.CO
    IG: @gypsytan


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